BFE – not what you think ;)

So, I learned a new acronym today – BFE… Base Flood Elevation.  This is the point where the base of your house must be for the 1st level of living space.  Engineers showed up today and marked our BFE.



If you can see the line on the stake in the ground – that’s where the the floor has to be for us to build.  So we are going to have 5+feet of concrete above the ground to ensure that our living quarters will not flood.  That’s 5 feet in the ground and 5 feet above ground – 10 feet of poured concrete wall foundation… lots of concrete.  Working with the contractor to see how we can ‘beautify’ the mandated concrete.  Will update when we get it all figured out.

In the meantime, we had tree cleanup still in progress –

Looks a mess, and it is, but it is being slowly being cleaned up.  Is it sad that I’m excited that we can now see our ditch?


And… on the small victory side, Eugene got the 4 wheeler running today!  that will definitely help with the clean up! Kira cheering her dad on as he got it running. 😉


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