Demo Day Arrived – and did not disappoint!

Well, it finally arrived – the all anticipated demo day.  Started with, “Okay, I hurt so bad from yesterday’s prep that I’m not sure that I can do today”, then went to, “I got this, it’s going to be awesome”, next was “OMG, I don’t think the electricity is going to get shut off and I can’t get in touch with the demo guy to find out what time he’s going to be here” – all before 7am mind you.  By 7:30 the electricity had be shut off, the phone company had stopped out to mark their lines, and the contractor said he’d be there by 8am.  Obviously I was just having a few moments of panic 🙂

All panic was alleviated when the demo guy (Tim) showed up to start tearing things up. We called the building demo landfill (yes, there is such a thing) and the landfill guy wasn’t playing nicely with others, so we had to schedule transport for tomorrow; but, we could tear it up today.  Tim started with the trees that needed to come down that were close to the perimeter of the current house, and the future plans.  This took him the majority of the time.  So, while he was doing that, several Perley residents carried on with the “let’s get anything that might possibly be of value out of the house pronto” mode and cleared out pretty much anything that was still in the house that was salvageable.


2 hours after he started, Tim was satisfied with the tree removal (great job and even moved the propane tank for us) so we started looking at the house.  After a quick walk through to note where the remaining appliances were, he set to it.


15 minutes later, he was done pulling down, piling and crunching the material.  Wow.  He even had a little fun while doing it! The transformation to the lot is already amazing.  I am so anxious to see how it looks when all the trash is hauled off!  Until tomorrow!



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