As I’m taking a break from tearing things apart, I am trying to go through all the things that are on my Cozi list. (If you have a family that needs to be organized, and you don’t have this app, you might want to look up Cozi) Demo is supposed to be tomorrow and I can’t seem to get the utilities shut off quick enough.  Storms came through the area, causing a backup in the electrical co-op, the city isn’t quite sure where in the overgrown trees that the water shutoff is, and the internet provider says, “Just dig it up and tie it to a tree or something, but be sure not to cut it or that’ll cost you about $650”.

So fingers crossed that all falls into place, and demo day is spectacular! (Channeling Chip Gaines enthusiasm!)

And this is obviously not a recent photo, but want to have the old place documented. 😊20160108_125705


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